Friday, September 08, 2006

The Coccoon

Sometimes technology really warms my geek heart.

For decades I've jokingly referred to a specific spot in my home as "the coccoon". The coccoon must contain the following things: a comfortable chair, a computer with internet connectivity, a television with DVD and gaming console (to let you know how long I have been coccooning the console has gone from Nintendo to Sega to Playstation and now to Playstation II) and a radio.

Each of these devices must be visible from each other and as many as possible must within reach.

As technology has advanced, this has become easier and easier. For example, my first coccoon, like the Batcave in the old Adam West series from the 60's, had to be more spread out since each facet was a seperate device and each was rather large (TV, Sega gaming system, computer, CD player/boombox/radio).

Currently however, the computer fills the functions of the DVD player and the radio, so all I need is the computer and a TV for the gaming system(which also allows me to watch DVDs there if desirable).

But technology continues to make the coccoon more complete. I recently subscribed to gametap, which gives me access to over 600 games, mostly older games, in return for a monthly fee.

But tonight I learned that I can start gametap, mute the sound, minimize it, then fire up Napster, which I also subscribe to, pick the music of my choice, and then bring gametap back up to play Shining Force with my own soundtrack.

Alternately, I can fire up Itunes and use a podcast for background.

All we need now are the sentient computers from the Matrix.

And let me be the first to welcome our new digital overlords and say, "I give off a lot of heat, way more than that scrawny Neo dude. Plus I'm not into revolution or anything."

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