Sunday, September 03, 2006

John Romero rates the PS3 last (sort of ranty)

So as I look at my NEXT game console, to replace my venerable, aging PS 2, I decided to go with the Wii over the X-box 360 and PS3.

John Romero, co-creator of Doom, agrees. He rates the PS3 last because of its expense and just being more of the same as the PS2, but with better graphics (and a heftier price tag by far). The X-box comes in second because of X-box live allowing you so many online options.

The winner in his eyes? The Wii, Nintendo's new console that will combine decent graphics (but not high end- they look about PS2 quality to me) with unique gameplay and some great franchises (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Super Mario Galaxy, and Zelda *swoon*).

I started a thread about this at ENW, titled "PS3 600 bucks, Sony is on crack" and immediately triggered about 4 pages of people reflexively defending Sony, telling me 600 bucks wasn't really that much money, basically talking to me like a little kid who just had a visceral reaction to the price tag.

Well you know what? I *DO* have sticker shock and I do *NOT* think that's a bad thing. I'm not spending more for a console game system then I could spend for a decent tower.


I'm just not. I could buy a tower for 600 bucks and get my game on... oh yeah and I could also work, and surf the web. I wouldn't pay 600 bucks for a computer that JUST played games and I won't spend 600 bucks .

Combined with the fact that the Wii has a ton of games that look cool to me, and that I will likely be able to buy the Wii and EIGHT FREAKING GAMES for what a PS3 and one controller (with no games) would cost me... well let's just say Wii is winning out with this customer.

And this isn't about the price alone. Lord knows I have spent more than 600 bucks for just about EVERY ONE of my fruitless geek pursuits. Hell I spend more than 600 bucks a year on game books AND I CAN WRITE THEM.

It's more a matter of feeling like a company is strongarming me to support their hardware (I think the PS3 is designed as much to encourage us all to buy Blue Ray discs and Sony HD TVs as it is to be a gaming system).

And I don't like to play THOSE sorts of games with my money. Id rather buy a Wii and play Red Steel for my money.



Walt said...

Hey there! I am with you about the PS3. I think that it will be overhyped and come out being just another game console. I think for myself, Games will come down to being played on my PC rather than on my consoles. The only thing I am consoling these days (as writing, drawing, and martial arts take up way more time than I have to game) would be the portables. I recently bought a PSP and it is all I really need in a console. It plays movies, MP3's and when I am at the local coffee shop trying to write (and escape my dogs), I can take a break and whip out that bad boy and have a go for a bit untill the juices recharge.

Go stuff...

Going to do a review of the Wii (WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) for your audience?

Regards, Walt

Chuck said...

I definitely will, assuming my finances work out right and I get one, however, with a price tag of 200 bucks or less (which seems likely) that's a lock.


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