Saturday, January 09, 2016

Avery Ahearn, 6 month survivor

Avery Ahearn (Leader, Roughnecks)
Combat Ability (CA): 44 Hit Points (HT+ST): 122
Health (HT): 58 Mental Toughness (IN+LD): 111
Insight (IN): 37 Action Points (QK/10): 3
Intellect (IT): 19 Unity (Special):
Leadership (LD): 74 Background: Blue Collar
Luck (LK): 25 Primary Attribute: LD
Quickness (QK): 32 Secondary Attribute: ST
Strength (ST): 64 Weak Attributes: IT, LK, QK

Trait: Potential: Leadership
Disadvantage: Allergic (NSAIDs)
Quote: Petra, get up onto that ridge. Those Ravager dirtbags so much as blink in our direction, start dropping them. We’re going to defend this place or die.  

Level: 8
Experience Points: 701
Skills: Athletics, Close Quarters Combat, Influence, Pistols, Thrown Weapons
Perks: Authority Figure, Apprentice Commander, Apprentice Small Unit Tactics

Fire Axe: Dmg 3d10; Knockdown 5+; Accuracy -10; Durability 92+; Quiet
Medium Body Armor: Protection: +10; Armor 4; Athletics -10
Hand Axe: Dmg 1d10; Knockdown 7+; Durability 92+; Quiet
Fragmentation Grenade (4): Range 35 yards; Damage 4d10+10; Radius 15 yards; Explosion
Colt Python: Recoil -10; Dmg 2d10+10; Range Short; ROF 1; Cyl 6; Mal 100; Ext. Loud
30 rounds .357 ammunition

Skill List
Archery (CA): 22
Athletics (QK): 22 (-10 Armor)
Barter (LD): 47 (+10 Synergy)
Chemistry (IT): 9
Close Quarters Combat (CA): 44
Cooking (IN): 18
Construction (IT): 9
Demolitions (IT): 9
Distraction (IN): 28
Engineering (IT): 9
First Aid (IN): 18
Heavy Weapons (CA): 22
Influence (LD): 84 (+10 Perk)
Medicine (IT): 9
Outdoorsman (IN): 18
Pistols (CA): 44
Psychology (IN): 18
Repair (IT): 9
Rifles (CA): 32 (+10 Synergy)
Scrounging (IT): 9
Shotguns (CA): 32 (+10 Synergy)
Stealth (QK): 16
Thrown Weapons (CA): 44
Vehicles (QK): 16

6 Months into the new world, Avery has really started to come into his own as a leader. He has taken over the old school library at Carson University and leads a small band of survivors dedicated to preserving knowledge of the old world and protecting their fellow survivors.

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