Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eternal War: modern USHER Dossiers adventure on the way

Hey guys! Quick update here from the Land of Vigilancia!

Just got an outline for Eternal War from Steve Perrin and it's shaping up!

Eternal War pits the PCs against the three greatest villains from two different worlds, so it's not an adventure for the faint of heart.

Trying not to be super spoilerific, though the astute will find a big clue in the title.

The adventure takes place at locales such as USHER's Liberty Tower, USHER's Rock City prison and in orbit of Planet Earth!

Also, it will introduce an entirely new team of heroes into the USHER universe. These heroes will both add to the lore of the setting as well as serve as a perfect springboard to quickly introduce the setting to new players.

Now, as anyone who has heard me say "USHER is my baby" can guess, I have been pretty involved in this in a behind the scenes way.

The initial idea was mine, and some of the events, especially in the early stages, were drawn from my home campaign.

I've also taken a hand in crafting the new hero team Steve is working on.

The rest is all Steve. He's a legendary supers designer and I've been very much enjoying seem him take on the USHER-verse, both here, and in his recently released WWII adventure Invasion: Oceania.

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