Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Books of the Wastes

Books of the wastes is a Mutant Future book that will allow your character to acquire new abilities from pre-war books found in the Wastes.

Books included are:

  • Alice's Gun Almanac
  • Better Living HIGH Magazine
  • "Big" Bill Hutchison's Guide to Business Influence and Success
  • Chairman Mao's Little Red Revolutionary Handbook
  • Mr. Fixit's Handy Dandy Advanced User Manual
  • Mr. Fixit's Handy Dandy Robot Repair Manual
  • The Laze
  • U.S. Army Robot Combat Manual
  • U.S. Army Field Medic Guide
  • Little Pathfinder's Wilderness Survival Guide
All these books, along with rules for learning new abilities from books for Mutant Future, for the low low price of 99 cents.

How could you possibly go wrong?


Kevin Mac said...

The book idea is from Fallout 3, no? Currently playing that.

Chuck said...

From Fallout 1!

Books have always been part of Fallout and I always wanted to see them have an effect in paper and pencil.

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