Friday, October 08, 2010

Chuck is moving- so a special, probably once in a lifetime sale

Ok, as some of you may know, as I've mentioned it on Facebook, I am moving from Massachusetts to Florida in a couple of months.

So I need to get rid of some stuff, and raise some cash.

So, I am selling some things that are near and dear to my heart, that might have some appeal to you folks.

I am going the PBS route and offering autographed author's copies of books I've written over the years. I'll sign the inside cover of each book, and include a note about each book, whatever occurs to me.

These books have varying amounts of light wear, because they've mostly been sitting on a bookshelf, for varying lengths of time, and some have seen light use.

Blood and Space 1e is in the worst condition, the rest are in really good condition, but I'd only call a few "mint".

Finally, the astute, long time fans among you will notice some omissions in the list below, such as my first attempt at d20 supers, which was printed by Mystic Eye, Vigilance: Absolute Power, Blood and Relics (first and second edition) and Blood and Guts 1e.

If it's not listed, I don't have it, I'm not holding out. In pretty much every case a family member wanted something I had written, and that's where my copy went.

I have author's copies of the following books, all softcover unless otherwise noted:

  • Raw Recruits: I believe this is technically my first print credit. This was a short adventure path of four related Dragonstar adventures that I wrote for Mystic Eye Games. I wrote this after Vigilance: Absolute Power, but it may have come into print first.
  • Blood and Space (1st edition): This is technically the first d20 Modern book RPGO released.
  • Blood and Fists (1st edition): If you're reading this blog, chances are you know about this one. Probably the best book I'll ever write.
  • Legends of Excalibur (Hardcover): Really proud of this one. Great color maps and I think my first ever hardcover.
  • Legends of the Samurai (Hardcover): Again, a lot of nice feelings toward this one. A lot of research, and what I felt were interesting classes and setting material.
  • Blood and Cicruits: My take on super-science and bionics in d20 Modern.
  • Blood and Fists Master Edition: This is Blood and Fists, Hong Kong Knights, Wasteland Fury and Cosmic Fury. Basically the entire B&F line in one.
  • Modern20: My first and only full-fledged modern game. One of my best selling books ever, up there with Blood and Fists, and Blood and Guts.
  • Supers20: The supers supplement for Modern20.
  • Martial Arts20: the martial arts supplement for Modern20.
  • Legends of Sorcery: My take on a skill based d20 magic system.
  • Legends of the Dark Ages: My take on historical fantasy in Europe from 476 to 814- from the fall of Rome to the end of Charlemagne's reign.
  • Blood and Fists True20: If you like martial arts and you like True20, then this is for you.
  • Blood and Time: Time travel and historical gaming for d20 Modern.
  • Blood and Guts, General Edition: This is everything for the B&G II line in one softcover- Military Training, Special Ops, Combat Procedures, Vehicles and War on Terror.
  • Blood and Vigilance: This is my d20 Modern supers definitive edition- containing all the dispatches we did for B&V, as well as Blood and Secrets, the superagents add-on that descrobes U.S.H.E.R.
  • Blood and Space 2 Galactic Edition: This is the complete d20 Future add-on, containing High Fliers and Ground Pounders, Starship Combat and Construction, Space Monsters and the expanded version of Prometheus Rising, my sci-fi setting.
  • Darwin's World True20: My conversion of Dom and Chris' d20 Modern post-apoc setting to True20.
  • Fertile Crescent: This is for the d20 Modern Darwin's World. It's my little slice of the Twisted Earth, which has been featured in two GenCon adventures. The first of these, the Feeding Grounds, is included in this softcover.
  • Legends of Excalibur True20: If you like Arthur, and you like True20, you'll love this.
  • Two Worlds Tabletop RPG (Hardcover): This is a tiny hardcover the size of a XBox 360 case and is a book Chris and I did for the Two Worlds computer game. These game with the deluxe edition of the game.
  • Other Stuff: In addition to the books above that I wrote, I have other early RPGObjects books in which I have editorial credits including, Darwin's World 1e, Terrors of the Twisted Earth 1e and Metal Gods 1e, as well as a book where I have a creative director credit, Modern Backdrops.
  • I'll throw these in with donations on request. Some of these are really, really bogarted for some reason and are the worst of the lot condition-wise, but they're throw-ins anyway. Just be aware that for some reason, some of these seem to have been unintentionally whammied to heck and back.
So, 40 dollars (a bit more for folks outside the US) gets you one of these, while supplies last, autographed along the inside cover by me, with a little note giving my thoughts on the book.

I'll be handling the shipping directly, which is why I have to ask a bit more for folks outside the US.

I don't delude myself into thinking these are worth anything more than cover price but I need some cash to help with the move, especially since I'm not going to be able to take any of my furniture with me and I figured this was a good way to show my appreciation to folks who were willing to help me get a furniture fund together.



Christopher Helton said...

Where in Florida are you moving to?

Chuck said...

Tampa somewhere.

Christopher Helton said...

I'm in St. Pete. You should say "hi."

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