Thursday, October 07, 2010

Battlescenes: Undead Stormtroopers for ICONS

That's right, the fall of ICONS-y supers-y goodness from Vigilance Press continues with Battlescenes: Undead Stormtroopers!

What's more guilt free than killing Nazis? Why killing Nazis that are already dead of course!

As the Allies close in from the East and West, Nazi mad scientists and cultists at Castle Grunerwald have unlocked dark secrets and are raising undead legions to save the Reich from its enemies.

Can your heroes storm Castle Grunerwald, thwart the Nazis and bring their unholy experiments to an end?

The Undead Stormtroopers of Gr├╝nerwald! is a Battle Scene; a fleshed out adventure hook. It provides enemies, an expanded plot hook and advice on running the scenario. It's designed for short, frantic, fun play sessions.

Pick it up here!

1 comment:

Walt said...

You guys have been cranking out some serious products lately. Love it.


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