Friday, September 10, 2010

I love this pic

I don't commission art often. Not just for budgetary reasons, though that's partly it.

But I love the work of Italian penciller Marco Morte (who also has a name that lets you know he will FUCK YOU UP if you cross him), and I just had to get him to draw a special piece for Fractured Realms.

This is Axe Onetusk, King of the Basin Tribes.

For decades he led the oricsh nation, unifying the seven tribes, building schools, roads and great cities, and a mighty army to destroy anyone who entered his realm unasked, at one point destroying a large army of ogres and giants through his tactical brilliance.

Now he is dying of old age and his son, a conqueror of the first order, seems determined to use the mighty army his father has built to return the orcs to the old ways and their eternal war against the elves and humans.

I love Axe, and if you detect a lot of my historical geekiness in him, you would be 100% correct. He's loosely based on Phillip of Macedon.

Which means his son would be Alexander the Great, which is very, very, very bad news for the humans and elves of the Fractured Realms.

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