Sunday, September 05, 2010

Coming Soon from Vigilance Press

In addition to Fractured Realms, which will be going into layout soon, I am working on layout for the introductory adventure for Arthur Lives! called The Best Knight in the World.

This is a great adventure from series creator Jason Tondro and I think everyone is going to love it.

We also have some big news in the works for Arthur Lives! but it's a little too early for details.

When I have something solid and definite to pass along, I will.

Finally, I've begun preparing for my next OSRIC book, which will be character focused like Old School Psionics and Old School Magic.

However, this book will have a very different focus. It's still way to early to discuss in detail but when I'm done with the current irons in the fire, and turn my attention to this fully, you'll see a lot more than this tease here in these pages.


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Jason said...

Definiately looking forward to the Arthur Lives! adventure (and any other news on the series really).

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