Monday, December 03, 2007

Gamespot fires Jeff Gerstmann: Why I won't be a subscriber anymore

I have posted many, many times here about my love for Gamespot, but that opinion has just changed radically.

Jeff Gerstmann was fired by Gamespot recently.

Whether it was over this specific review, or, as Gamespot management contends, a "larger issue" of his "tone" and "professionalism" when giving reviews is irrelevant.

Here's the thing: Jeff brought the real to Gamespot.

He'd call a spade a spade. He'd say a game was "terrible". If a game deserved to be made fun of, he made fun of it.

If the rumors are true, a big advertiser at the site pulled hundreds of thousands in advertising over Jeff's honest, 6.0 review of a game. Either way, we definitely know that the site has lost subscribers in the wake of his firing.

I had let my sub lapse, but I was a past subscriber and booster of the site.

Both of those are gone.

To any other site out there, hiring Gerstmann would be a great way to get me to pony up for a sub.

You were awesome Jeff. You were fearless.

You will be missed.

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