Friday, December 07, 2007

From Aikido to Zen (R)

Martial Arts 20, the first full-length, crunch-filled, hyphenated-word-described supplement for Modern 20 is out!

But that doesn't mean the previews have to end. Oh no. Just in case you have yet to be convinced this is the book for you, here's some mo!


Animal Style

By imitating the jerky steps and pecking attacks of the rooster you gain an advantage in combat (as well as being the ultimate funky chicken dance champion).

Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts or Defensive Martial Arts

Style Maneuvers

Unarmed 4 ranks: Pressure Point attack: when making called shots with the Precision Strike perk, you inflict +4 points of damage on a successful hit.

Unarmed 8 ranks: Dodge Focus: +2 Defense bonus once (taking this feat additional times only grants the normal +1 bonus per feat).

Unarmed 12 ranks: Body Blow: On a successful attack to your opponent’s stomach or chest, your opponent must make a Fortitude save equal to your attack roll +10 or be flat-footed for the next 1-4 rounds. If you are using the injury rules, this is in addition to any effects from a stomach or chest hit due to injuries.

Unarmed 16 ranks: Weapon Finesse (unarmed): your Dexterity bonus is considered +2 higher for purposes of this feat.

Unarmed 20 ranks: Agility Training: +2 Dexterity

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