Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So, I did a book for an X-Box 360 game

I've hinted about this here on the blog a bit but now the story can be told:

Press - RPGObjects Pens Tabletop Two Worlds RPG

RPGObjects Pens Tabletop Two Worlds RPG

72-Page Rulebook To Be Included With Two Worlds Collectors Edition For PC and Xbox 360

Minneapolis, MN - July 10, 2007 - RPGObjects is pleased to announce it has completed a tabletop version of the upcoming role-playing game, Two Worlds for Windows and Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. This OGL based tabletop RPG will be included in the Collectors Edition of Two Worlds.

Chris Davis, RPGObjects owner said, "Doing a pen and paper adaptation of a computer game was something I've always wanted to try. I hope when people aren't playing Two Worlds either by themselves or online, they can enjoy a tabletop game with their friends."

The Two Worlds tabletop RPG was adapted by veteran OGL designer Charles Rice.

"The chance to introduce players who love Two Worlds on Xbox 360 or Windows to the joys of using their imagination as their game engine was a challenge and a distinct pleasure." Said Rice. "For those new to tabletop gaming, I hope this adaptation will convince them to give it a try. For the veteran role-players out there who pick this up, I hope they find the book a worthy addition to the games they already play."

Two Worlds is being developed by Reality Pump Studios and Topware Interactive, and will be published by SouthPeak Games.

A Two Worlds homepage where you can find out more information on the tabletop version of Two Worlds can be found at http://www.rpgobjects.com/index.php?page=2w.

About RPGObjects
RPGObjects has been designing and publishing tabletop role playing games and software since 2001, including such acclaimed games as Darwin's World, Blood and Fists, and Legends of Excalibur.

About SouthPeak Interactive
SouthPeak Interactive, LLC has been publishing and distributing entertainment software since 1996. Recognizing the market need for an independent publisher, SouthPeak is focusing on marketing games from top-notch developers for all popular game platforms. Leveraging its outstanding distribution experience and retail strength, SouthPeak is currently launching new game titles in Europe and North America.
The game I did is a d20/OGL adaptation of the Two Worlds X-Box 360 game. It's pretty neat if I say so myself. It's a complete OGL fantasy game in 72 small pages (I was told the book would be the size of an X-Box 360 case).

Basically I took the d20 system flipped it, slapped it and rubbed it down, while giving it all the feel of the Two Worlds game (which looks awesome) that I could.

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Larry Clapp said...

That's awesome, man. Hope the game & your book do really well.

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