Friday, July 13, 2007

I write letters...

So, as part of being a shut-in, errr freelance writer, I'm always at keyboard working (ok, almost always).

One of the things I like to do while working is listen to podcasts, as I've noted several times before. And since podcasts try to be all internet-y and interactive-y, they almost always have mail addresses asking for feedback.

I'm big on this. In fact, it's become a hobby of mine to let folks know what I'm thinking.

Well this has been a big couple of weeks for me and my letters, so if you ever find yourself curious about the sorts of things I blather, err, provide feedback about, you have a couple of opportunities.

First, there's the 6-26-2007 episode of the Hotspot, where I provide a dissenting opinion about the banning of Manhunt 2. I'm easy to spot here, because they identify me as "Charles Rice" when reading the email, which was a bit surprising.

Then, on this week's D&D podcast (7-13-2007) they have their "Mailbag" episode, specifically to respond to reader feedback, and mine is the first they read, they identify me as "Chuck from Holyoke" which again should be easy to puzzle out. Here my comment is about the hate directed at Wizards and their staffers over the cancellation of Dragon and Dungeon.

So if you want to hear what I think about two of my favorite podcasts, enjoy.


Preston said...

I'm just impressed you can actually concentrate on work while listening to podcasts. I listen to music while I work, but spoken word seems to divert my attention in a way that music doesn't.

Daniel M. Perez said...

I can also attest that Chuck not only sends feedback via long letters, but also through quick emails and blog replies. Last I checked he was almost done training his carrier pigeons to digitize into the net so they could carry even more mail to legions of appreciative podcasters.


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