Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why Ben Affleck being in Trek XI is not the end of the world...

As we know it, and why I feel fine about it.

Ok, the rumors are flying faster than Paris Hilton's clothes at an airshow about the new trek movie, and the latest rumor, that Ben Affleck is being courted for a starring role has the trekkers really, really upset.

They of course assume "starring role" means he'll play Kirk.

What if he plays Pike though?

Picture this: Affleck plays Pike, Capt of the Enterprise, picks up Kirk, (maybe taking him from the Academy to his first posting or some such), there's a crisis, where Kirk, Spock and Pike end up saving the day. During the course of the adventure, Pike gets mangled and Kirk is promoted to take command.

Then *BAM* spin off series starring the unknowns playing Kirk and Spock.

This is just one possible scenario, but it's actually an optimistic one.

What is it about trek fans that make them read every rumor in the worst possible light and then go Chicken Little?

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