Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Through the wall?

Had a little brown out, writing the Feeding Grounds adventure for GenCon (guess it's good I started early huh). When that happens and I am grinding out writing for work trying to break through to the far side of the wall, recreational writing (like this blog) get shut down entirely.

Maybe that's not good for me. Frequently the best answer to burnout is more writing, not less, but sometimes it just sucks to stare at this screen.

That said, you might have noticed posting has resumed, which means enough of my whining, cylinders are starting to fire again.

And I also updated my long neglected music reviews blog, eclectic music reviews, with a review of one of the most interesting new artists I've come across in ages. Haven't checked out eclectic reviews yet? Stop in and give it a look, I think you'll find some interesting tunes as well as my usual ADD-style ramblings.

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