Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Unit Season Finale

So tonight we had two Unit episodes for the second week in a row. Sweet. Maybe they started the series too late in the mid-season run but since it's a top 20 show they wanted to get in a whole half season so they could sell some DVD box sets. Works for me.

The finale was great, working well both as an end to the series (if it's cancelled) as well as setting up possibilities if the series comes back. Turns out that David Mamet guy is kinda talented.


One thing that struck me about the finale is that the Unit is attacked at a private party. They're honoring their Colonel's marriage to his new wife. When the bad guys walk in, every single one of them, including their Colonel who never goes on field missions, doing the paperwork stuff and mission coordination, is armed.

Hilarious. It was a real PC moment (no one in a game ever goes anywhere armed).

Of course, if you have watched the whole run of the series, there are some other, darker and more interesting reasons why every single one of them might have been armed at this particular party.

If you don't know what I mean...

Even Bigger Spoiler Alert

The Colonel is sleeping with the wife of one of his men, and Delta Force founding member (and series consultant, producer and writer) Eric L. Haney makes clear in his blog that if the men found this out THEY (plural as in the entire unit) would kill him.

At this party, the Colonel had just broken off the affair with the wife of his soldier and gotten quickly married to another woman.

I'm not sure how many of the men knew... but ALL their wives knew, and one of the wives (newbie wife Kim) had vowed to tell her husband, the Unit's newest member Bob.

I'm not sure anything was implied by all of them being armed, could just be healthy paranoia. But it does raise some interesting possibilities.

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