Friday, May 05, 2006

JJ Abrams dishes on Trekkies

He likes us, he really likes us! Seriously though, to all the idiots out there who think he just wants to take the franchise and wreck it and turn it into Lost, all I can say is "nyah". Of course those folks won't believe this anyway. He's recasting Kirk and Spock, obviously, just to crush their dreams.

"I have been on the road since the news came out," [Abrams] says, suddenly looking somewhat fearful. "Is the reaction bad?" No. On balance, they seem happy enough.

"Being involved with a series that has a passionate and vocal following makes me incredinly sympathetic," he says, happier. "They have to put up with so many incarnations along the way. These fans, they are a smart bunch. They are an intelligent group. We are respectful and we have no intention odf subverting the material".

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