Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Appointment TV: The Unit

I don't normally "do" TV the old-fashioned way, which is to say I set my schedule around the program and set aside time to watch episodes as they air. I'm more of a tape the show/bittorrent kind of guy myself.

Only rarely does a show grab me enough where I am unwilling to wait at all, even if that means suffering through commercials and rearranging my schedule.

Currently there's two shows that meet this criteria: Smallville and the new entry, The Unit.

The Unit is a show about Delta Force run by David Mamet (author of Untouchables among many many other plays and movies) and Shawn Ryan (former Angel writer and creator of amazing cop drama The Shield).

The show focuses on a Delta Force unit and their wives, with the plots of each episode revolving more or less equally between in the field and homefront. It's a really fascinating look at the secretive world of special ops and has a founding member of Delta Force as a consultant and writer.

Two new episodes tonight. Mmmm.

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