Thursday, August 04, 2011

Savage Afterworld reviews Books of the Wastes!

Books of the Wastes is a little Mutant Future book ILink did, introducing some wasteland tomes that survived the Great Fire as well as a system for characters learning from books they find in the wasteland.

Find out what the Savage Afterworld thought of this terrifying tome they found amidst the rubble!


Walt said...

Nice little review. Fun. I agree I would have liked to see more books but I think you still had a nice selection in the ones that are released.

So with Northeast coming soon, what is on the horizon after that?


Anonymous said...

I tried to think up more books, but after a few days, when none occurred to me, I just decided to go with what I had.

One thing I love about GMs is their ability to make their own stuff, so getting the idea out there should be good for letting everyone put a few books in their campaign.

Chuck said...

Gah, hit send too soon, and posted anonymously no less. Ooo mysterious.

Anyway- after Northeast the future gets murkier.

I might do another little crunch book like this one though, with some new artifacts, or maybe even an adventure.

Walt said...

Fantastic! And by no means feel that us wanting more books in the book to be a drawback. I was just enjoying reading the write-ups for them all and getting a very fallout vibe. I am definitely a Nuclear Sunset fan.

Great work so far.

P.S. we obviously like murky... run with it.

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