Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vigilance Press is turning 9

Ok, so here's what we'll do:

If you'd like to help me celebrate VGP's 9th birthday, send in a supervillain, with ICONS stats and a full background.

I'll pick the winner, and commission a full color picture of the villain from Jon Gibbons.

That villain will then be featured in an upcoming Vigilance Press product, The Forever War, written by me.

If I get enough entries that I like, I might declare multiple winners and make them a villain team.

Besides being featured in the first USHER-centric adventure written by me, maybe we'll do something else for the winner, like have them as a guest on the VGP podcast.


Paul King said...

When do submissions have to be in by?

Vigilance said...

I'd say mid-April. I would like to announce the winner during the birthday month at least.

Dolphinjamez said...
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Dolphinjamez said...

I will have a few entries, but here is my first:
This super villain hates chaos, heroes, and most of all, dragons! This man strives to achieve order, but in a very chaotic way! The arch-nemesis of the half-dragon hero Dolphin, he will do anything to stop the chaos Dolphin brings! In his opinion, the only way to create order is to kill all heroes, take control of all governments, and kill many citizens to bring fear upon the world! He is a 6 foot tall, humanoid, green chameleon. He wears armor on his upper body. His powers are, he has a giant tongue that he can wrap around people, then turn them to stone, and throw them on the ground to break them. If he is a frozen in ice, after a few seconds, will melt the ice.
Strength: 7
Prowess: 4
Willpower: 6
Coordination: 6
Intellect: 3
Awareness: 3
height: 6 feet even
weight 95 pounds
Tongue: 7
Ice melting: 6

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