Friday, February 25, 2011

USHER Dossiers gets another 5-star review

Thanks Joe for the great review!

I like this one so much I'm going to quote it, also, cause USHER Dossiers is my baby.

Over the last decade, Charles Rice has shared bits and pieces of his amazing USHER superhero setting with us through various game systems (like d20 Modern) and publishers (RPGObjects and his own Vigilance Press), so I was thrilled to hear that he was doing this definitive work, this time for the ICONS system. The one thing that really impresses me is how the Vigilance Universe feels every bit as real as the Marvel and DC Universes - it makes you wish you could walk into a comic book shop and ask for the latest issue of Minuteman or Old Glory, or finally pick up a collector's copy of Amazing Stories of WWII #1 on eBay after years of searching. It's a great supers setting and the artwork by James Dawsey, Jon Gibbons, and Dan Houser really makes it come alive. This is a stellar piece of work and a great addition to the ICONS game system.

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Joe Bardales said...

It was my pleasure, Charles. The quality of the final product at every level really reflects the passion you have for your creation.

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