Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keep and throw away

Did anyone else play this "game" as a child?

When I would build up too much crap in my room, we'd "play" keep and throw away.

Get a garbage bag, some stuff stays that you still want, most of it goes.

Old clothes, toys you no longer used, etc. We took it and dropped it off at the goodwill, where I can only assume most of it went into the garbage, but as a kid I always felt better thinking some younger, poorer kid might find enjoyment out of my old stormtroopers.

As I pack to move, I am playing "keep and throw away" as a grown up, because I am moving in a minivan, so a few big boxes and a suitcase are all that's coming with me.

I am learning a lot about myself through this "game".

DVDs- almost a 100% loss. Right in the garbage bag. Kevin Smith movies, MST3K, Godfather trilogy, DS9 boxed sets. That's about it.

Game books: probably about half and half. Some are going, some are not.

Comics: are you fucking kidding me? The comics are going. Right down to every last glorious issue of the Invaders.

Essential Marvel Horror- how could I leave that behind? It says "essential" right on the cover!

I am leaving behind an old PS2, but the comics are going.

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Paul King said...

We play that game quite often in my house. My wife loves going through and getting rid of stuff. I come from a line of pack rats, so its an interesting mix.

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