Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Times. Changing.

So Public Enemies has not succeeded. In fact, I think it's fair to say it failed.

On the other hand, Old-School Psionics is a bonafide hit.

What this means I really don't know. Just an honest 7am observation.

Except, if you think it means more OSRIC is on the way from me...



mikelaff said...

clearly -this means you should design a supers system for OSRIC

Darth ObiWan said...

Chuck, I'd be curious to hear your thinking on why Public Enemies failed. Do you think it was the much rumored move to M&M 3E or just not grabbing an audience?

Vigilance said...

No, M&M 3e hadn't even been announced yet.

I mostly think it's that Public Enemies is a supplement for a supplement.

You have to have bought Modern20 and Supers20 to use it.

Darth ObiWan said...

ah, ok. I thought it was M&M...why, I have no idea? :)

I keep threatening to take the Modern20 plunge, but I have just enough labor, money, et al. sunk into d20 Modern (and a boatload of supplements, including Darwin's World, and the Blood &... series) that I haven't quite talked myself into it yet.

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