Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ninja Training

So I'm watching Mythbusters, which is of course, awesome, and they're testing ninja myths, including the abilty to catch arrows.

So one of the experiments they did with their world class ninja was have him surrounded by three archers firing padded arrows.

He of course failed spectacularly and was hit about 20 times before he caught one. Still impressive that he caught one- but then, the ninja remarks that no trained ninja would ever actually be caught in a situation like that.

Well, I too have never been trapped in an empty warehouse with three archers. So I guess eating ice cream, drinking coffee and sleeping till noon has served as all the ninja training I'd ever want.


Walt said...

Who was the master they brought in?

Vigilance said...

Name totally escapes me. Australian guy.

Frankly, he seemed pretty badass to me.

But putting a guy in a warehouse with no cover, surrounded by 3 archers, seemed a really crappy way to test *anything*.

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