Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't make him angry (Supers20: Public Enemies)

Wondering what Public Enemies might have to spring on your poor players? Wonder no more!

Atrocity (Tank 30): HD 30d12+480; HP 720; Init +0; Spd 50 ft, Leap 400 ft; Defense 31, flatfooted 31 (+0 Dex, +22 Class, -1 Size); BAB +22; Atk +38 melee (2d12+16, Unarmed), or +22 ranged (9d4+16, thrown object of 15 tons- a bus in urban areas- a boulder in the desert); SQ Resilience, 22 DR vs. physical, 20 DR vs. energy, +10 saves vs. Cold, Heat and Radiation; AL none; SV Fort +33, Ref +13, Will +11, Rec +33; Rep +15; Str 42, Dex 10, Con 42, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 12.

Background: Blue Collar

Occupation: Perks 2+4 power stunts (Flurry, Power Leap; Bulletproof, Resistant to Cold, Resistant to Heat, Resistant to Radiation)

Hobby: Influence

Skills: Athletics 23 (+35), Influence 20 (+21), Outdoorsman 10 (+11), Streetwise 2 (+3), Perception 20 (+21), Power Control 23 (+39), Unarmed 23 (+35)

Feats: Absorption, Armor, Combat Martial Arts, Die Hard, Growth, Life Support, Permanent (Growth): lower than maximum power level (capped at PL 8), Power Level x20, Soldier On, Superhuman Constitution, Superhuman Strength, Superleap, Unstoppable 1, Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

Access/Contacts/Followers: None (see disadvantages)

Wealth: None (see disadvantages)

Possessions: Improvised weapons for throwing, as heavy as he can find. On occasions when Atrocity has escaped into the desert, he will gather enormous boulders, the largest he can carry, keeping them within easy reach of whatever shelter he finds or makes for himself.

Character Disadvantages: Sub-human: no access or wealth (DSR 5)

Background: During World War II, American scientists worked deep in the Arizona desert at a top-secret installation, attempting to duplicate the success of the Nazi eugenics programs. The best their so-called “Vigilance Force” had been able to come up with was a bunch of kids and the army wanted men- soldiers specifically.

Everything was on the table: genetic tampering, radiation, introduction of alien DNA into the human genome and more. No one knows what went wrong but the entire installation was destroyed in an enormous explosion. There were only three survivors: Dr. Clair Starling, who was doing preliminary tests on insects joined Vigilance Force as Hornet; Sgt. Max Morley, base security, who joined Vigilance Force as Marauder and the head of the project, Dr. Stanley Nikitas.

Dr. Nikitas was transformed into a 16 foot tall giant, a creature of pure rage. Vigilance Force’s first action was to find and subdue Dr. Nikitas, dubbed an “atrocity” by one of the scientists who attempted to study him before he was placed under indefinite anesthesia. During the war plans were occasionally floated to drop Atrocity into populated areas as a sort of “living bomb” and he was actually on board a ship off the coast of Japan for just that purpose when it was announced that the Japanese had surrendered.

Unfortunately, his use as a weapon of last resort was an idea that would not ever be forgotten. During Scion invasion, Atrocity was not only woken to aid in the war effort, he has the subject of further experiments, with alien armor being grafted onto his skin, rendering him even more invulnerable than before.

During these procedures devices both to anesthetize and kill him were also implanted. For unknown reasons his body rejected and nullified these devices, but not the armor grafted to his skin. Following the Scion invasion Atrocity again escaped into the Arizona desert, where he lived for over 3 years before once again being returned to Rock City, where he resides today in an unconscious state.

Quote: “Get away from me! Haven’t you done enough?!?”

Note: Since PL 20 Growth is really big, Atrocity’s size has been capped at a lower power level, in this case PL 8.

Note 2: This image is from a legally purchased copy of LPJD Studios Image Portfolio series, #9 and if copyright to them, used per their license, etc etc harumph mumbo jumbo.

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