Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I bet giant spiders are good eatin'

God I can't wait for this to happen.

I am so ready for the apocalypse.

Danish boffins have uncovered an unforeseen, extra downside of the melting
of the Arctic ice cap, according to reports. Not only will there be sea level
rises and massive flooding*; there will also be a plague of enormous,
invulnerable, heavily armoured meat-eating cannibal spiders.


Walt said...

Um... Wow. That is something you don't see everyday.


Steve Peterson said...

The Spiderapocalypse -- that's made of awesome!

Chuck said...

I think it's an awesome idea and am pro-giant spiders, as well as my rock solid pro-apocalypse stance.

What I find hilarious is that two grown human beings, one a scientist and the other a journalist actually collaborated to write that hilarious bit of science fiction.

Maybe next they can analyze why we're really in the Matrix or tell me where Mel Gibson will get his full leather outfits after the oil runs out.

Masada said...

Bring it!

What a boost to the economy. Think of the demand for spider-piercing weaponry, anti-venom (perhaps fraudulent), and spider goods. There will be Spider Activists and the Anti-Spider League. The NRA will go bonkers fighting for your right to bear bazookas. There will be a giant spider in every zoo and hilarious home video footage of hapless Japanese tourists being eaten. Maybe even spider-tipping frat parties--also caught on video.

One can not count the ways in which the world would be improved by giant, armor plated, carnivorous spiders from Greenland.

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