Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeepers! Don't Remind Me*

Wow! We're back!

So long time no blog, at least not here at least.

I've tried a few different venues for my blatherings but a recent post of a couple game reviews over at Beyond the Next Generation (a title I love, if I say so myself, which I think I just did) reminded me how comfortable I am with blogger.

I'm a dope. HTML might as well be ancient freaking greek. But for some reason, my primitive mind groks blogger. I guess it's designed with dopes like me in mind.

So, enjoy the reviews, and expect me to pop back in here this weekend to talk about the RPG version of Voyages of Discovery, which is over 90 pages and still growing.

Given that I think settings should have way more spaces blank than filled, 90 pages is good for me. That's more than Blood and Relics 1e and more than any version of Prometheus Rising.

*The only correct answer to the question, "How did you fare going through the asteroid belt?"


Walt said...

good to see you back...

Best Regards,

Masada said...

How fortunate I kept this site on my list of feeds... Hehe! Glad to see you are doing well.


Larry Clapp said...

Welcome back, man. Missed you.

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