Thursday, April 03, 2008

Clash of Stone

Clash of Stone is a supplement to let you take your d20 fantasy game out of the middle ages and into the Stone Age. Class modifications, skill advice and a complete Stone Age weapons and armor list give you everything you need to take your game back to primordial pre-history.


Daniel M. Perez said...

Dude, tell me you used stuff from From Stone to Steel for this, please.

Chuck said...

No the weapon stats are mostly from Blood and Time, the variant classes and races are all new.

It's been so long since I looked at StS I probably should have checked it over before I did this, but I didn't want to be influenced one way or the other.

Daniel M. Perez said...

I wonder if subconsciously this goes back to the seemingly-general rule that most d20 writers do not really use any OGL aside from stuff they have created or from their own company.

Chuck said...

I think that's more or less true.

I think customers value new content more, for one thing. I think that's what the truly "hardcore" are paying for.

These are people who likely already have Stone to Steel.

So by doing something new, one has to ask what the downside is?

If someone already has Stone to Steel, then they have some different crunch for weapons, but there are probably weapons covered here not covered in StS, and they get the variant classes and races.

And of course, for the person who has StS, they probably don't want me to just serve them content in a different layout anyway.

If they don't have StS, then there's no downside, either they like the book or they don't.

So for me, I always felt like the OGL was really great for use as a common foundation.

I can use d20 Modern and everyone knows what I mean when I say that, thanks to the OGL.

As for mining it for specific content, I've done some of that, I certainly don't have a policy against it.

Legends of the Samurai, for example, has a fair amount of OGC in it.

But most of the time, the open material doesn't fit the book I want to do to my satisfaction.

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