Sunday, January 20, 2008

The future

So I've posted another article to, this one about the continuing saga of gamespot and their terrible mistreatment of longtime employee Jeff Gerstmann.

Now for a look at the near future.

I've accepted a freelance gig from Empty Room Studios to do a d20 adaptation of their Steampunk Musha book into d20.

It's a great book, with a real Cowboy Bebop feel to it and I am employing a mechanical approach that should look and feel REAL familiar to folks familiar with my historical Legends of the Samurai books.

In fact, I think it's safe to say the books will work together rather seamlessly.

So along with Fantasci, it seems my trip into anime/Japanese themed RPGs will be a bit extended.

Also, my 4Color book, World Metahuman Factbook Germany lurched forward again today. The delays were mostly my fault, which sucks. I'd much rather have someone I can blame that isn't me.

Still, the book has now been edited and is actually in the hands of master layout guru David Jarvis, whose new Reality Deviants Press offering, Technothriller, looks FAMTABNABULOUS.

As for the far future, where we'll all have flying cars and be eating food from a pill, that's still a little tough to say.

Something involving superheroes perhaps?

Signs point to yes.

1 comment:

Walt said...

Sounds good that you are dipping into the supers genre.

Still... glad to hear that you are doing Steampunk Musha!

I think Fantasci will be topping my table for a bit though!

Until the supers book comes out that is.

If you need any supers art for the 4c Books... let me know.


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