Friday, March 09, 2007

True 20 Wild West released

Well I've been hinting about this for awhile, wasn't really able to say more until it was out.

And now, the time has come. True 20 Wild West is my latest book and it's a 114-page PDF. For now it's available only at the Green Ronin online store but I expect it will be available elsewhere in the fullness of time.

That said, the Green Ronin online store is awesome, so don't hesitate to buy it there and give them MAXIMUM encouragement to ask me back to do another one.



DNAphil said...

Excellent topic for True 20. Now Wild West is not that far from Samurai...come on...True 20 Samurai....I'm ready.

Chuck said...

A True 20 version of Legends of Excalibur wouldn't be very hard either.

Maybe I'll pitch it to Chris. Definitely a good idea.

Walt said...

WOW! That is totally cool. Now where did I put that paypal account.


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