Friday, November 24, 2006

Legends of Excalibur (True 20) released

Just wanted to let folks know that RPGObjects just released our first True 20 product, an adaptation of Legends of Excalibur. I'm really excited about this one and think it's a great fit for a great set of rules.

Id also like to take this opportunity to personally thank David Jarvis, owner of Reality Deviant Press and new RPGObjects team member. His knowledge of True 20 was invaluable during the editing process. He caught numerous things that weren't up to spec and made the book much better than it would have been otherwise.



Anonymous said...


Would you mind giving your thoughts on the cost of the True20 license and how it affected your decision to redo this product?

Chuck said...

Well, the True 20 license is a fine thing as far as I'm concerned.

It costs a little (very little) but I think the excellent relationship and loyalty True 20/Green Ronin fans have for their brands makes that well worth it.

So for me, the license really wasn't much of a factor, since any product is going to have some costs going in, usually higher ones than the license entailed.

So for me the main questions were: is True 20 any good and what is it a good fit for.

I hope this helps.


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