Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogs that are better than mine 2: Bad Astronomy

I first discovered Bad Astronomy while listening to Coast to Coast AM. There was a skeptic on the show who actually seemed to know something about science. And even better, he had a website and blog where he would help you the reader discern between science and pseudo-science.

Oh and the money shot? He works for NASA, so he like, um knows stuff.

This blog has been on my favorites list for awhile now, and its always interesting and worth a read.

In light of my previous post on 24 year-old Journalism grads lecturing NASA scientists on um, science, I thought I'd take this opportunity to point you to bad astronomy.

He posts about this as well, and with far more eloquence (and outrage) than me. Might have something to do with those emails sent by the 24-year olds.

Oh and btw, should you wish to see his website, simply remove the "bablog" from the end of the addy and you will go to the bad astronomy site, where you can read him shred such hits of the pseudo-science crowd as "the Apollo Moon hoax".


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