Friday, November 25, 2005

Margaret Atwood on George Orwell

In making the last post, and making the point about the Orwellian nature of the ever-shifting rational for Great Leader's current adventures in Mesopotamia (a war we have won at least three times by my count), I started reading 1984 again and was reminded of an essay on Orwell written by Margaret Atwood.

Atwood might be my favorite living author, capable of making something lyric and powerful and devastating all at the same time.

She's also a huge Orwell fan, having been inspired (at least partly) by her love of his dystopian works Animal Farm and 1984 to write her own dystopian novel (and my favorite work by her) The Handmaid's Tale.

She recently wrote an essay on Orwell in the post 9-11 world that I think should be read by absolutely everyone.



Anonymous said...

Good essay.

Chuck said...

Margaret Atwood rocks.

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