Friday, May 20, 2005

Questions and Comments on BNS II: Starship Construction Guide

If you have a question or a comment this is one place you can post it.


Anonymous said...

Are we going to see a demo ship or two?

Chuck said...

Im not sure what we had planned for a demo, if anything, as the product is pretty short (about 10 pages).

What the product aims to do is let you make your own ships 100% compatible with d20F, so it gives you a couple of options I felt were necessary, such as the ability to create your own hull types and your own weapons.

Anonymous said...

Right, not a demo of the 10 pages, a sample ship created with the system with maybe a few particulars like "The Astro-Bob's total cost was DC 42 with a total contruction time of 2 months."

Were you planning a starship combat system too?

Chuck said...

This is the last book planned for BNS II, but you never say never.

Starship combat seemed to be fairly well covered in the core d20 Future rules, so beyond what was added in "High Fliers and Ground Pounders" I didn't see the need to go there.

The goal for BNS II was to be 100% compatible with d20 Future, and then if people want a completely different take they could still buy the original BNS at half its original price.

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