Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Quick Hits

Ever wonder what games designers run when they're sick of playtesting their own stuff?

Glad you asked!

Looking to my near-left (bigass gaming pile #1) I see:


I reallllllllly wanted to hate this game. Hell I wrote a game that directly competes with it (I use that term very loosely in this instance).

I wanted to be the guy who noticed that fatal flaw and could stand and shout to the world that CHRIS PRAMAS HAS NO CLOTHES.

But alas, it turns out the game is actually good. And I am currently running the occasional pick up game using it.

It actually has most of the virtues of Hero's character creation system with none of the mind numbing complexity of its combat system.

The Marvel Universe Game

Even simpler than M&M. Unfortunately its also not quite as good. Plus, I prefer my games with dice. Call me old fashioned.

Also, something about the way they told me 200 times how "revolutionary" the game was grated.

However, it is pretty as hell, and since my M&M game is set in the Marvel U (sort of) it rides shotgun at #2 in the pile.

Medieval Player's Manual

Nice book. Crunchy and full of historical goodness (which you know I love). Plus it works pretty well with Legends of Excalibur. Another plus. This book just reeks with options, something I love about Unearthed Arcana.

GURPs Magic, Magic Items I, Fantasy

Man... I just love GURPs. I love running it sure. But you know what? I also love reading them. GURPs books are plain well crafted, and they, along with the collected works of Aaron Allston, taught me most of what I know and feel about how game design should be done.


Ahh... here's a sentimental favorite. I love Conan and I love this game.

I hear a lot of whining about the typos, but honestly, I never noticed them.

If you don't like this book, well I just don't understand.

It's one of the best RPG books I've ever read, and I'd consider it an honor to have my name on this book as a PLAYTESTER.



That's it for now. Next time I think I'll bore you with what I'm reading.


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