Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dark Future sneak peek

In our near future, mutants are real.

Are they our brothers? Or the next step in human evolution, destined to replace mankind as we did the Neanderthal?

Struggling to come to grips with the "mutant question", a mutant crime wave leads to the Mutant Registration Act.

This leads mutants to strike back in a way that shocks and frightens ordinary Americans and pushes them over the edge, allowing ambitious lawmakers, suspicious of mutants, to pass the Mutant Enforcement, Removal and Evaluation act.

Now mutants live in ghettos, called "Containment Zones", scattered in large cities across the United States.

Within the Containment Zones, mutants prey on each other, in a lawless gang environment where the strong rule the weak.

Black Knights patrol the Perimeter in powered armor that makes them the equal of most mutants. Anyone found in this no man's land can be shot on sight.

Beyond the Perimeter, ordinary men and women continue to struggle with the "mutant question", asking themselves the same question their grandparents answered so tragically.

Some, driven by hatred and fear, form lynch mobs, terrorizing and killing those that are different, those they think might be mutants. Some have decided to aid the mutants in their plight, helping their fellow man, regardless of their appearance of powers, through an underground railroad of safehouses and secret runs across the border to Canada and freedom.

And some mutants are convinced a war of extermination against their kind has already begun. These mutants wage a terrorist campaign that divides humanity over the Containment Zones even further, forcing humans to choose between the zone or the Underground Railroad. These terrorist are opposed by brave bands of mutant heroes, willing to risk a return to the Zone, or death at the hands of the Knights, to protect the weak from these mutant terrorists.

It's the 21st century and the United States is a powderkeg.

Will you strike the spark? Or extinguish the flame?

Welcome to Dark Future


Steve Peterson said...

Very cool! Any hints at game system and release date?

Chuck said...

Game system will be M&M and B&V.

Release date will be soon-ish. This is my next project after the Blood and Fists True 20 conversion I am writing right now.

Chuck said...

Oh! I forgot to mention... Chris and I had a really crazy idea... I think we're going to do three versions of this setting.

We're going to do it as a near future Darwin's World setting as well.

Steve Peterson said...

All three of those treatments sound really cool and useful. Looking forward to picking it up.

Daniel M. Perez said...

And the line forms where, exactly?

Walt said...

No shoving!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. This sounds oddly familiar...somehow.

Peterson (um, not Steven but the other one)

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