Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clash of Kings: nobility reviewed

They like it, they REALLY like it.

Unfortunately, they don't love it.

Yes folks, Clash of Kings: Nobility now has its day in the staff review spotlight and though it stumbles a time or two, it does not go down.

Nathan seemed concerned that the class was something of a mix between a paladin, a rogue and a swashbuckling fighter. All I can say to that is, blame the historical nobility not me. They acted that way! I just translated it mechanically.

Still, a positive review overall and I recommend you read it in its entirety.

Here's the bullet points.

LIKED: - I liked the ability to pick between two different varieties of noble
- he history of the class is a good addition, and adds flavor
- The promotion system is slick, though it doesn't appear you can skip ranks
- its flawed but could be squeezed alongside the other core classes

DISLIKED: - the layout is weird in some places. for instance, the noblity specialty abilities run right into the other class abilities. It really should have been sectioned off. The noble promotions appear to be backwards, starting with the king and working its way down. There are also some minor grammar errors.
- The noble specialty abilities don't feel too fresh, a number of which are just copied from other classes. The class feels a slight bit more like a mesh up of rogue, paladin and fighter than a truly different class.

Thanks Nathan for taking the time to do such a thorough review.

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