Sunday, April 08, 2007

Best. Politician. Ever.

Apart from the very early days of this blog, when I was young and stupid, I've avoided politics. There's too much of that shit. I just want to talk about games.

But this guy. He got me to violate the rules. A radical Japanese politician. Awesome.

Telling the people watch you give a speech that you detest every single one of them? Priceless.

Japan has asked Youtube to remove this, so smoke em while you got em.


FraserRonald said...

"I do not have a single constructive proposal"

Well, at least he's honest. Oh, priceless.

Chuck said...

I think my favorite two lines are "Gentlemen! I despise each and every one of you!"


"You are all my sworn enemies!"

I might be the first against the wall when the revlolution came, but I'd still vote for this guy.

I mean, if his speeches are this funny, can you imagine how much entertainment you'd get out of him being in office?

Daniel M. Perez said...

Where do I vote for this guy!!!

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