Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wii are anticipating arrival

Ahh... my first dumb-ass use of the name Wii. Probably not the last either. Felt kind of good.

Another random thought, I should shill for things I get no money from more often. I'm much more shameless about it, and in fact it makes me feel pretty good.

Oh yeah, the Wii countdown clock has a permanent home at the bottom of the page now, go look at it and then everyone do your best computer voice from Wargames.

Man, Wargames might be the best movie ever. Where was I? Oh yeah, shilling.

So besides Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which of course gets my nerd heart beating fast, I also am looking forward to Red Steel like nobody's business.

Guns? Check. Samurai swords? Check. Destructible environments? Check. Kill Bill type storyline involving a girl, some Yakuza and a cool sword? Check.

Does a game need anything else? Hell no!

Well ok, big giant robots fighting kaiju WOULD of course make this game better, but they make everything better.


Walt said...

Red Steel looks very yummy but I am not so sure that I want to run out and buy a Wii just for that. Plus, the Wii is going to be impossible to get this season unless you pre-ordered it. So after the Big Christmas rush is over and they hit the shelves again, I will get one for the wife (she is the big nintendo fan)and then maybe I will treat myself to a bit of Red Steel.

Thanks for the Timer!


Chuck said...

Im actually planning on waiting out in front of a dreaded big box retailer the night of.

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