Friday, October 27, 2006

Great moments in insomnia

I was preparing to post about Heroes, the new superhero show on NBC. I still will post about it and in the meantime while you wait breathlessly for that future post, let me just say it's the best. show. ever.

Go download it on Itunes right now, watch it and then come back.

See? Wasn't that awesome?

If you're wondering why I'm not posting about Heroes, that would be because I looked up Jeph Loeb on IMDB, one of the writers/producers of Heroes. Jeph is a comics writer (including the awesome Batman: Hush, which you should order overnight shipping and read right now, then come back). He also was a writer for Smallville.

On a lark I decided to look and see if he was involved in anything else and I came across this:

Model by Day: Lady X works as a model during the day but at night she fights crime with the help of her karate master, Master Chang.

Already, sounds like something that MUST be located and seen.

Then I look at the credits: Famke Janssen as Lady X. Awesome. Clark Johnson, the black streetwise detective from Homicide as Master Chang (if you don't know who Clark Johnson is, go rent the first season of Homicide and... oh you know the rest). Awesome. Shannon Tweed and Sen Young as two dames named Shannon and Mercedes.

This sounds like the best movie ever!


Walt said...

I am eager for your post... In the meantime... I shall be rewatching heroes in order to travel to the past in an attempt to help hiro...

Sumi masen...


Chuck said...

Man, I would SO buy Model by Day too. But all the copies I found on Amazon were use VHS copies.

I am *not* paying 40 bucks for a used videotape even if I *do* get Famke Jansen as a model by day vigilante by night.

And of course the odds of this movie ever being released on DVD are low because I'm sure it's awful (just in that AWESOME MST3k way).

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