Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So if I've been a little quiet lately, it's partially because I took a little breather in honor of my 38th birthday, which was yesterday.

In related news, True 20 rocks and my True 20 conversion of Legends of Excalibur is shaping up very very nicely.

As I go through the conversion I got to realize, after a long time away from the rules, that Excalibur might be my favorite book I've ever written, with only Blood and Vigilance or Blood and Fists have any chance of competing with it in my eyes.



DNAphil said...

Happy Birthday Chuck!

I recently picked up True20 at GenCon this year, and I am quite anxious to hear that you are converting some of your supplements for True20.

Can you tell us if you will be doing a True20 conversion of Legends of the Samurai?

Chuck said...

Thank you :)

Right now there's no plans to convert LoSamurai to True 20. We're doing three conversions and a lot will depend on how they're received.

If you wanted me to guess, I would say it is more likely to happen than not at some point but that's just a gut reaction to how I think the system supplements will be received by the fans and my interest level.


DNAphil said...

I could easily see LoSamurai in True20. Especially without hit points and the minions rules, you really can get that one-strike one-kill kind of feeling.

I will be picking up any of the True20 conversions you wind up doing.

Larry Clapp said...

Happy Birthday, man (13 days late). Roc and I turned 38 ~2 months ago. My brother turned 40 recently, too. Beforehand, I asked him, "how do you feel about your upcoming birthday?" He had a great reply: "I'm glad it's happening." :) Hard to believe that in a "mere" 20 years (okay, 22) I'll be 60. What a concept. Anyway, Happy Birthday again! :)

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