Friday, October 13, 2006

Oops he did it again

Paul Tevis runs one of my favorite podcasts, Have Games Will Travel. For the most part he discusses board games and indie RPGs but occasionally discusses d20 games as well. Fairly often when listening to his RPG podcasts, I hear about a game I would have never thought to try and end up being intrigued.

In other words, the man should get a comission. He just did it again, selling me on Cold City, a game about monster hunters in 1950 Germany, with American and Soviet investators attempting to put aside their differences as they try to kill monsters and hunt down Nazi weird science.

Maybe the best game premise ever. More when I've actually read it.


Daniel M. Perez said...

You know, Paul Tevis has done the same for me a couple of times now, most significantly with Dogs in the Vineyard. I think Have Games, Will Travel is one of the best gaming podcasts out there, period.

Chuck said...

Oh yeah, I have louded Paul's podcast more than a few times around here, mostly because, unlike a lot of reviewers, he actually seems to have an idea of how designing a game actually works.

My bias toward indie games has a lot to do with prejudices, which are sometimes true and sometimes not.

Any game that wants to explore "pressing issues" or be "thematic" loses me big time.

But occasionally Paul reviews a game and I realize it's an "old fashioned" role playing game that actually involves adventure.

I'm always up for a new take on THAT.


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