Saturday, April 18, 2009

In the Dark Future there walks a hero

Over at RPGO we have another preview of Dark Future, this time focusing on one of the good guys, 3rd generation hero Betatron.

A little background on this hero: Ground Zero is a character I created in the 1990's for my Champions campaign. In that guise, he was a tragic figure, a living atomic bomb unable to control his devastating powers.

When I did the character supplement for my self-published Vigilance d20 superhero game, Ground Zero was one of the first characters I thought of including and his backstory remained almost unchanged.

For this version of Betatron, I "changed" Ground Zero's backstory a bit. I say "changed" because he has never actually appeared in any Blood and Vigilance or Supers20 books before, so unless you're one of those real early adopters who bought Darkness and Light or Vigilance" Absolute Power (printed by Mystic Eye Games) then Ground Zero is an all-new character to you.

For Dark Future, I liked the idea of there being a beacon of hope, someone similar to the role Old Glory played in my WWII-era of the Supers20-verse.

I had come across the name Betatron and instantly thought "that should be a superhero/villain" (cause that's how my mind works) and the radiation led me to want to link him with Ground Zero.

To make him from a long line of heroes, Ground Zero got moved from the present day into the Cold War and was a fugitive by choice. His son, another new character, was added into the roster of the New Coalition, one of the most important hero teams in the Supers20 comic universe timeline.

And so now we have the 3rd generation, fighting to bring light to a dark future.

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