Monday, April 13, 2009

And now- something deadly

Meet a member in good standing of the Mutant Army of Nationalism (MAN) a terrorist group at the heart of Dark Future.

Stench a.k.a. Stephanie Worthen (Empath 10): HD 10d8+30; HP 90; Init +6; Spd 40 ft; Defense 23, flatfooted 17 (+6 Dex, +7 Class); BAB +7; Atk +13 melee (1d4+2, knife), or +13 ranged (9d4+0, psychic blast); SQ Resolute; AL MAN; SV Fort +10, Ref +13, Will +8, Rec +8; Rep +5; Str 13, Dex 22, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8.
Background: Criminal
Occupation: Soldier: Perks 2+2 power stunts (Tumble, Wall Crawling; Durable Illusion, Swinging)
Hobby: Weapons
Skills: Acrobatics 13 (+19), Athletics 15 (+16), Crime 8 (+8), Firearms 15 (+21), Influence 4 (+3), Outdoorsman 6 (+7), Power Control 13 (+16), Stealth 13 (+19), Streetwise 13 (+16), Weapons 4 (+5)
Feats: Blast, psychic (PL +2 non-lethal only), Illusion, Nauseate, Power Level x7, Superhuman Dexterity, Teamwork (MAN): +4 skill checks, Well-Oiled Machine
Access/Contacts/Followers: Code: Mutant Superiority (DSR 5)
Wealth: 12
Possessions: None
Character Disadvantages: Code: Mutant Superiority (DSR 5), Hideous Appearance (DSR 5)
Background: Stephanie Worthen was a quiet, intelligent girl from Utah until her mutant abilities surfaced during puberty. Since then, she has been emitting pheromones akin to those emitted by insects. However, the default state of these scents (which are felt more than consciously perceived) is one of revulsion. After running away, Stephanie honed her gifts on the streets, learning that she could intensify her natural pheromones to cause nausea, hallucinations or even unconsciousness. Seeking revenge on the world, she has become one of the most powerful terrorists in MAN.
Quote: “Go to sleep, bug!”

Note that the Nauseate feat is a new kind of power feat, one powered by a required disadvantage, in this case Hideous Appearance. The more Hideous Appearance you take, the more powerful the Nauseate feat will be.


Walt said...

me likee! Does this mean we might see Dark Future soon?

Chuck said...

Yep, I started work on Dark Future again shortly after Voyages of Discovery went final.

mikelaff said...

guess that means I should finish up my Supers20 stuff..

Chuck said...

Oh yeah, I meant to mention that to you.

Sorry man.

Walt said...

Did some one say Supers20? What is that?

I bet that if some one made a supers20 supplement for Modern20 I bet some one else would craft an awesome setting about mutants and dark zones, and evil!

Probably call it Dark something or other...


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