Saturday, April 04, 2009

Adventures in Playtesting

My players were upset that they don't get anything "free" when changing shape.

By "free" they mean no damage bonuses from claws, no ability modifiers for changing your size, shit like that.

You know, the incredibly broken way Wild Shape works in 3e.

You "only" get the ability to take feats no one else can (like Flight and Water Breathing and Size Increase) and have a selection of feats that you can rearrange to fit the circumstances.


Masada said...

Shape Change has always been a tough one. I've always felt there just needed to be something like a shape changer class or perhaps even classes. Players would have to make some choices that would dictate what forms they could use and level advancement would allow for greater power in the chosen forms.

Chuck said...

Voyage of Discovery will use feats. Sometimes your shapechanging will improve a feat, such as Fast Mover, other times it will allow you access to a feat other characters can't take, such as Size Increase or Flight.

Sometimes you won't be using those feats at all, since you won't always want to change shape (and there are some other disadvantages built into shapechanging magic feats).

So basically, you're spending a feat or two (transformation magic feats) for the ability to have variable feats that you can't use all the time.

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