Friday, March 07, 2008

Jeff Gerstmann: other shoe- dropped

Jeff Gerstmann launches game reviews site.

So it looks like him, Alex Navarro and Ryan Davis are starting a site to review games, do videos and have a weekly podcast.

Hm, that sounds vaguely familiar, like another site I used to be a paid subscriber at.

What was the name of it...


blackdalek said...
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biv872005 said...

its awesome isnt it , im sooo jealous i would love to do my own video game website in a office , i love to follow the video game buisness as well as play , and well there are just so lucky , i was thinking of starting a website one day soon , if i do maybe you can be a part of it reviewing etc etc , i was also a paid subscriber to gamedot or something like that it was called i think lol