Monday, March 03, 2008

GM's Day Sales

Hey guys, wanted to let folks know that RPGObjects is participating in this year's GM's Day sales.

Among the bargains you can get are RPGObjects PDFs from RPGNow for 25% off the standard price.

But if you buy direct from us, it's an even better deal. We're offering bundles of our popular d20 Modern "Blood and..." books, and bundles of Darwin's World for 50% off direct from the RPGObjects store.

Remember that the bundle feature at the RPGObjects storefront only includes books you don't own, so if you buy a bundle, it will automatically be edited to include only stuff you don't have and you still get the 50% off discount.

Finally, you can get the Legends of the Samurai hardcover for less than 5 bucks, a mere 4.95 for the 160 page hardcover.

My personal imprint, Vigilance Press, is also taking part and you can check out those sale prices here.

So reward your favorite game master starting tomorrow, even if that game master is you!

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