Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hellstrom Voyage: Chapter 5 now up

Hey guys, if you pop on over to our sister blog, Hellstrom Voyage, you can check out Chapter 5.

Even better, if you go right now, you'll get to read it 4 hours early!



Masada said...

I haven't forgot you. I've been extraordinarily busy with paperwork, moving issues, etc. Besides, being a week or so behind on comments works for all the rest of the readers! <**this not the justification you're looking for**>

Masada said...

Okay, the actual "notes"

Chapter 5:
The Constant chases down Lady Med who has beached herself in Leviathan form in a lagoon.

The Captain takes over a well armed collection of men including marines and Major Broughton. There is a brief but intense conversation between the Captain and the Major. We see for the first time friction between Captain and his friend. Perhaps a reminder that the Captain has no real friends at sea. The arguement is cut short as the two men realize that the remote island they are on is likely inhabited with hostile "near-men".

While some of the crew must stay behind to help soothe the still animal-mad Lady Med, the Captain must prepare for another deadly confrontation.

Perhaps the war would have been safer!

Chuck said...

Hey, thanks for the continuing comments.

The conversation was mostly about divided loyalties. The Major and the first officer have loyalties to each other that go above and beyond the ship, where the captain has only the ship, above anything he might feel for his friends.

THanks again for letting me know someone is reading :)

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