Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hellstrom Voyage: the campaign setting

So it's a little early for any type of official announcement yet, but as friends of the blog, you get the straight skinny earlier than anyone else, so here goes:

There will definitely be a d20 edition of the world of the Hellstrom Voyage coming sometime in 2008.

I know, shocking and unexpected.

The web-novel didn't start out that way, but it's become clear to me there's a lot of game-setting in my novel, and I find it as delicious as mixing dry-roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate.

The setting will likely focus more on the war than the web-novel has, but it is also my goal to make a setting where discovery is the watchword.

This was always a key component of D&D anyway, so focusing on it will be neat.

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Walt said...

WOW! I just want to know when you have time to sleep!?!

Best Regards,

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