Thursday, March 15, 2007

OSRIC Unearthed

OSRIC Unearthed is out!

Man, I had a blast writing this, talk about a trip down memory lane.

It doubles the number of classes from the core rules, adding some regional combat variants like the Barbarian, Knight and the Samurai, two classes focused on unarmed combat, the Brawler and the Yamabushi, some new stealth classes like the Ninja and Thief-Acrobat and then some new support classes, including the Bard and Noble.

I also worked up some martial arts rules, 1st edition style, some new weapons and magic items and a couple of brief campaign descriptions giving you some pointers to create a campaign with a specific feel, either Arthurian or Oriental.


montylikeapple said...

you r such a geek

Chuck said...

I wasn't aware there was anyone left who didn't know that ;)

Walt said...

OMG...The theif-acrobat. You are most definitely the man!


Chuck said...

I always loved the Thief-Acrobat so he had to make an appearance in some form. My only debate was the same one I had with the bard- leave the dual-classing part of the character, or just make an acrobat class.

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